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Atomo Clone – $17.24

Atomo Clone

Look at this sleek looking mod, Yup its another Atomo Clone! For $17.24. Quality is noticeably higher than the last one and for a much better price. You can get your hands on one of these by hitting that link below!

Atomo Clone – $17.24

Caravela Stainless Steel Clone 21mm – $22.98

Caravela Clone - Stainless 21mm

The Caravela Stainless Steel 21mm diameter. We can pretty much guarantee this thing will fit nicely in the palm of your hand. With its narrower diameter it will also set nicely with an Aqua. The etchings look very clean and crisp on this one as well this really is a looker! To order yours hit that link!

Caravela Stainless Steel Clone 21mm – $22.98

Turtle Ship Clone – $23.73

Turtle Ship - Clone

Looking for another classy looking mod? Well here a pretty enticing little piece of vape gear. The Turtle Ship V2 clone for only $23.73! This will definatly be a great addition to anyone’s stash of mods. With its classy design and beautiful engravings you cant go wrong throwing this into your rotation. To grab one hit that link!

Turtle Ship Clone – Stainless Steel- $23.73

Turtle Ship Clone – Brass- $23.93

Caravela Clone – Stainless – $22.60

Caravela Clone Stainless

The unicorn of unicorns, Vela Stainless, Cloned, here it is another Stainless Steel version of the Caravela at a great price. At first glance we were thrown back by its quality but we took a closer look and it looks like the camera man had just ate a bucket of KFC extra greasy. You can count on us adding this to our collection :). After getting past Mr. Greasy hands photos we feel this thing should be top notch for the price! To get yours hit that link below!

Caravela Clone – Stainless – $22.60

Nemesis SS Clone – $18.50

Nemesis - Clone - SS

Damn look at that! $18.50 for a Nemesis Clone! Hey it doesn’t look all that bad either! We really dont think we need to explain this one to much in detail, besides it look pretty damn clean for the price! We are jumping on this one for sure! To grab yours hit that link below!

Nemesis SS Clone – $18.50

Poldiac Polished SS Clone – $33.76

Poldiac - Polished - Clone

Another jaw dropper, Here it is the Polished Poldiac Clone, Its only been a week since the release of the SS Brushed and here comes the polish… It also comes as a full kit with all the different extension tubes. It does mention it has all the different pants and shirts but not 100% sure on this. But hey for roughly $34 you cant really go wrong from what looks like to us to be a pretty clean up-scale mod (clone). Hit that link below to nab yours! Keep Vapin Vaporites!

Poldiac Polished SS Clone – $33.76

Caravela Clone SS and Brass – $21.50


This thing is absolutely stunning! With how clean this mod is and for the price we’re going to be picking up a few of these! There are two versions that have been posted. The full SS and full Brass, these bad boys truly are beautiful and WOW ~*DROOL*~ for that price! Don’t miss out on this thing! We find ourselves yelling a lot lately… With all the exclamation points we hope we are getting the point across that these things truly are amazing for the price!! :)

Caravela Clone Brushed SS Version – $21.50

Caravela Clone Brushed Brass Version – $21.71

Poldiac Clone – $33.52


One of the greats and rares now available as a clone! From the looks of this clone it really doesnt look that bad! We will be getting one of these things for ourselves. If you have been on the hunt for a Poldiac but afraid of that crazy price of a genuine, be sure to hit this up and give it a test. Of course the quality is great but remember the real thing will always be much better. Get Yous One, Hit that link!

Poldiac Clone – $33.52

Kato Hammer Clone (With Extension Tubes) – $30.82

Kato Hammer Clone

Ohh, why don’t you have ah look at dat! The Kato Hammer Clone WITH extension tubes! From our experience here this thing here is one solid piece of self protection…. I mean Vaping hardware :D. If you were in the market for an interesting mod with a pipe like design be sure to hit that button up down below!

Kato Hammer Clone (With Extension Tubes) – $30.82

Nemesis Mixed Clone – $25.68

Nemesis Mixed Finish Clone

Here’s a beaut! Just posted within the last 12hr’s ago, The Nemesis with mixed finishes. Once again this is awesome mod to add to your arsenal of vaping weapons :P this mod gives you the great functionality of a Nemesis, with the beauty of a vela. To grab yours hit that link below!

Nemesis Mixed Finish – $25.68

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